We seek to discover and develop drugs that profoundly improve the health of patients.

HemoShear Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on discovering novel biological targets and developing drugs to treat children’s rare metabolic disorders. Our goal is to discover drugs that save the lives of children who are born with metabolic defects and are unable to sustain basic biochemical processes necessary for life. Our proprietary technology allows us to recapitulate diseases using tissue from livers of children born with genetic defects, interrogate the disrupted biochemical processes, explore drug intervention strategies, and select drug candidates that we believe have high probabilities of clinical success. 

HemoShear is markedly different from other biotechnology companies because of our proprietary human disease models and our ability to recreate and interpret complex human biology.  We believe that no other company can match our ability to understand human hepatic, tumor, or vascular disease biology and translate those findings into discovery of safe and effective drug treatments.

We are passionate about understanding disease biology and driven to discover drug treatments that improve health outcomes and save lives.



A walk through of HemoShear headquarters quickly reveals a dedicated, competent, enthusiastic team that is passionate about its mission.

Our values define us as a company and serve as our compass. Our values foster an environment in which we work with urgency to discover breakthrough drugs that improve the lives of patients.


We are creativeinnovative, and passionate.

We emphasize teamwork, integrity, and transparency.

We thrive on perseverancefocusexecution, and success.

We support our community.